Hi. My name is Kas. And I help women to find freedom from their struggles with food. 

I remember being 5 years old and sneaking a tub of vanilla ice-cream down the alley in the garden where I sat, letting the ice-cream melt in the sun and then eating it all, alone and in secret. It is one of my first memories.  

My true qualification for doing this work is my own recovery from disordered eating which started 25 years ago. There is nothing that I have not done when it comes to crazy food behaviours. From 3am pyjama runs to the corner store for binge food to squirting food with dishwashing liquid to try to stop myself from eating it (it rarely worked, FYI) and the endless search for the perfect diet or food plan to get myself under control once and for all. I have been anorexic, bulimic and a compulsive binge eater. I was in the 12-step programmes for almost two decades and therapy from the age of 17. I know the unique shame and frustration and despair that is life with an eating disorder. 

There have been many strands to my recovery. No one therapist or programme or book or guru or food plan or even professional training took me all the way to the total freedom around food that I have today. There have been nuggets of truth and healing along the way and angels in various guises. I draw on all of these in my work with clients.

Recovery from disordered eating happens on many levels. There is the practical level (what should I eat??) as well as the deeper emotional work (what is my eating disorder trying to teach me?). The work is yours alone but I will come alongside you as a guide and catalyst.

Professional Qualifications:  

I graduated from Cambridge University with a BA and MA degree in the Social & Political Sciences (with an emphasis on Social Psychology and Early Childhood Studies). After University, I undertook a foundation course in Psychotherapy and Counselling at Regent's College in London. Later I received my certification in Eating Psychology from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating under Marc David. I am also a member of Dr Anita Johnston's online team. Anita is an eminent and ground-breaking clinical psychologist and the best-selling author of Eating in the Light of the Moon.

I look forward to working with you soon :)

What people say about Kas

dr Anita Johnston

Clinical Psychologist, best-selling Author

"Kassie is someone who understands the struggle with eating from the inside out, bringing a depth and breadth to her work. She has an astute mind, an open heart, and a compassionate spirit, which is a gift to those who want to be free from eating difficulties. It has been a pleasure having her as a part of my team at the Light of the Moon Café."

Camilla Knight

Yoga teacher

"Thank you so much for our sessions to date. It really has blown my mind as to what is really going on when disordered eating is at play. I have loved the way you have intelligently and instinctively helped guide me through the entanglements of my mind and habits to help clear the path for 'peace' and embodied awareness around food and myself.

Please continue to share your great knowledge and wisdom in this field as this 'dis-ease' within women is rife and women and girls need to know why this is happening and not feel shame etc around it. 

Please write a book and contact people who can propel you into the public arena to help heal the hearts of women so they can be free to truly and boldly BE."

Andrea Anstiss

Transpersonal psychotherapist

"If you want to find freedom with food and peace with your body and soul Kassie is your Coach. I am extremely lucky to have met and worked with Kassie Ross-Smith. As a result of trialing her with my own ‘stuff’ I have wholeheartedly recommended her to my friends and my clients. 

I recognised her immediately as a kindred spirit. Not only is she open hearted, extremely smart and hugely qualified but she also is deeply immersed in The Eating in The Light of The Moon eating disorder recovery work of Anita Johnston.  

Kassie has helped me find more self-compassion and self-acceptance around my relationship with food and my body. She has guided me to fully own and embody my style of the Queen archetype and make pleasing myself the priority. 

She is well versed in the power and pitfalls of all kinds of eating programs: intuitive eating, fasting, keto, paleo, raw, vegan, chronic dieting and the distorted thoughts and feelings that often drives us to adopt these approaches in a rigid way. She is able to guide her clients to find a way out of this maze towards a joyous, respectful and individual approach to food, embodiment and honouring our precious hearts.

Perhaps because she is Cambridge educated she has an uncanny ability to mirror her clients with language and empathy. She truly got me. Her curiosity is infectious and she has inspired me to upgrade how I ‘do’ self-care and self-kindness. Beyond her training, it is clear her brilliance is also based on years of researching and  wrestling with her own  food/ body story and finding her way to peace. Through working with Kassie I have a more spacious lens with which to connect to my body and to Nourishment with a capital N."

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